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Our History

We are a grassroots, woman- and minority-operated nonprofit founded in 2012 on the belief that we can help people develop their best self emotionally, socially and occupationally. We most recently identified basic human needs as a key component of who we are because we’ve found that “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” --Theodore Roosevelt. For our students, it’s hard for them to concentrate on studying or being involved in extracurricular activities when their basic needs continue to go unmet. We recognize that a lot of bullying comes from something a lot of children are powerless to do anything about. Hygiene deficiencies are real so when we are able to take that barrier out of the way, they’re free to study, participate in activities and thrive.


We have developed a program entitled, "Annie's Heart", which is focused solely on giving. It allow us to stay committed to helping kids and young adults retain their dignity by providing them with basic human needs. We think this is an excellent way for everyone in the community to get involved as we help people right in our own backyard. We have been able to donate basic needs and supplies essential for daily living to children and college students in the Triad and Triangle areas, the Sandhills and even the Coastal Plains of North Carolina. We continue to make a positive impact in our communities and to touch lives wherever we can by providing re-entry kits to inmates at the Orange County jail and by donating basic supplies to the County Outreach Ministry in Yanceyville, NC. We also give feminine hygiene products, clothes and school supplies to parents and students so there is no gift that is too small and your gift greatly affects the lives of those who are least able to repay.

We invite you to partner with us with your time, money, donations--whatever you have. When you help us, you help them and the rewards are endless!

Cozzetta Caldwell, Founder and President

An Invitation for Trans4mation

Photo by Cloud 21 Photography

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